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Saturday in the Park….I think it was the 4th of July

I dropped Rosie off with Steve around noon. He decided to rent a car to take to Idaho because the beater Jetta was still not fixed. I feel better about him renting though, so he does’t get stranded in a remote place like Arimo or something. I went to Murray Park (via Noodles and Co. […]

Rundown of Last Night

Last night was the first time I’ve seen Dan since I played fashion consultant for him last week, and the first time we’ve gone out since our breakup. (the real one!) I had originally asked Steve Best to go…let him know that I still value his friendship and get caught up…but he IM’d me the […]

The Scenery is Here, Wish you were beautiful

Friday at work? Zero focus. I got some busy work done, but I was so wanting to be out the door with the earlier groups that headed up. The only things that kept me sane were my silly inquisitive calls to John at Target Optical. He cracks me up!Rosie got a ride to my mom’s […]

Lunch, Dessert, and Smokin’ Hot Fool

Saturday I took Emily out to Kneaders for a belated birthday lunch. Oh, how I love their turkey sandwiches on focaccia (with extra Kneaders sauce!) But even better than the food was the company. It’s been so long since Em and I had some one on one talking time. (I think it was when we […]

Feeling like an absolute jerk

I’ve always felt like I’m a loyal friend. I have a very hard time giving people up and letting them go on with their lives when circumstances change. This would explain why I have such a large circle of friends and acquaintances. I can be away from a friend for a year…and pick up a […]

Astrological Musings

I’ve never been much into astrology, but at dinner last night, Gary and I were talking about it a bit. He is a Virgo. And I just busted up laughing. What’s up with me attracting Virgos? Alan’s a Virgo….Steve’s a Virgo…..Tim’s a Virgo…Dan’s a Virgo…and now Gary? I decided to do a little research on […]

Destined to NOT be a ZOMBIE

Today is the sleepiest I’ve been on a workday in ages. Destined to NOT be a ZOMBIEĀ I have two explanations. One is that I haven’t been taking one of my meds to keep me awake during the day. I’m in prescription stimulant withdrawl. I have my sleep oximitery test tonight. Had to take a long […]


Just Another Manic Monday

Such an eventful weekend, and such a lame day at work. I will just put a few highlights from the last few days.. Friday: Orem Summerfest with Dan. “And she’s shopping at Seven-Ele-uh-ven” Missed all but the last song from Moosebutter, but I chatted with Tim and he hooked me up with a new copy […]

The Fiction, The Romance, and The Technicolor Dreams

The un-Readers Digest Version of Today: Woke up around 7:10…threw clothes on Rosie and myself. “Worked” 3 hours today, but it wasn’t much work. The cubicles were being torn down and rearranged to accommodate the new employees for our Urban Central Psych providers. Now Natalie will sit by me. Hehe. So for the first hour […]