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Ten Goals for 2010

Rediscover my musical talents, particularly piano, voice, and bass guitar Give up texting while driving Give up 32+ ounce diet sodas Lose at least 10% of my body weight Visit 2 states I’ve never been to (Currently need to hit AK, AL, LA, NC, DE, VA, WV, MD, ME, ND, SD, VT, NH, OK and […]

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Not a pain in the neck, more like a pain in the butt!

Two weeks ago, I was shoveling snow in my driveway. We’d gotten about 11 inches of snow, and had let it sit for a day. Once I picked up a scarf, hat, gloves and some snow boots from DI, I went to work clearing a path for my car in the driveway. After about 45 […]

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Enough bills to make you ill

I have a secret confession. In the past year I have acquired an unhealthy anxiety about opening my mail. As a teen, I LOVED to check the mail. I retained a healthy bunch of pen pals when I moved from Oregon, and I received real, live letters fairly often. Now it seems that all I […]

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Spray Paint and Pneumonia

I. AM. SICK…MISERABLE. I am splayed out in bed, feverish, coughing, and my lungs are on FIRE. I’m dosed up on antibiotics and steroids. It turns out that I have a pneumonia, but I was a little surprised. Rosie and her new (older) friends found some cans of spray paint in the basement, and went […]

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As most of you know, I’ve made my career working in healthcare. Spending 8 hours a day in a hospital seems normal to me. I’ve always had a morbid fascination with the internal processes of the body, especially surgical procedures. So what do I do on my day off? Research surgeries! I know, I’m insane. […]


Destined to NOT be a ZOMBIE

Today is the sleepiest I’ve been on a workday in ages. Destined to NOT be a ZOMBIEĀ I have two explanations. One is that I haven’t been taking one of my meds to keep me awake during the day. I’m in prescription stimulant withdrawl. I have my sleep oximitery test tonight. Had to take a long […]