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A few good things

After such a downer post, here are a few good things….–The Ben Folds Concert– Mike, Erin and I drove out to Adrian to see Ben Folds last night. It was over an hour each way on winding country roads, but the music was great. Even if the music wasn’t good…it was worth going to see […]

My concert addiction

Current mood: nostalgic If anyone knows me well, I’ve always been a concert junkie. Ever since I first saw New Kids On The Block at the Memorial Coloseum in Portland in 1991, I was hooked. As a teenager, I always wanted to go to concerts, especially pop-alternative groups. In fact, once I had a #2 […]

So Much to Say

So Much to SayWow….I haven’t updated in a few days….and when life is eventful….the posts tend to be clipped short to fit it all in. Here’s the rundown: Sunday:Watched the MoTab’s 75th Anniversary Broadcast. I want to be a part of them someday.Church was excellent. Feeling the spirit more and more each week.Rosie still in […]

Flying Solo on Friday

Friday night I went to the Octapella concert alone at Brigham Young park. I had never seen them before, but they were very fun to see! They do a little cheezy choreography with the show, but they have some great numbers. I especially liked “Kiss the Girl,” “Light in your Eyes,” and “BALD-hemian Rhapsody.” I […]

I am driving 85 in the kind of morning that lasts all afternoon….

Words to describe the John Mayer concert? Amazing? Incredible? Entertaining? Eclectic? Steve suprised me with a beautiful pink rose. We ate island food courtesy of the consession stands. Maroon 5 was very cool….although I think I enjoyed them more than Steve did. Lizzy is going to burn me a copy of “Songs about Jane.” Ralin […]

Rundown of Last Night

Last night was the first time I’ve seen Dan since I played fashion consultant for him last week, and the first time we’ve gone out since our breakup. (the real one!) I had originally asked Steve Best to go…let him know that I still value his friendship and get caught up…but he IM’d me the […]

Just Another Manic Monday

Such an eventful weekend, and such a lame day at work. I will just put a few highlights from the last few days.. Friday: Orem Summerfest with Dan. “And she’s shopping at Seven-Ele-uh-ven” Missed all but the last song from Moosebutter, but I chatted with Tim and he hooked me up with a new copy […]