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Sleepin’ Sexxxy

I met with Dr. I today to discuss the results of my last sleep study. He said my daytime sleepiness is caused by sleep apnea, pure and simple. No narcolepsy, just obstructive sleep apnea. When I had the nose mask on a low airflow (6) I had about 10 disturbances per hour with snoring. When […]

Please pass the Benadryl

Allergy season is here…and I’m broken out in hives. At least the dogwood trees that are in bloom are beautiful. After five years of allergy shots in Utah, I’m a little disappointed that it’s already so bad for me. I am told that Atlanta will shortly have a green layer of pollen all over everything. […]

Diagnosis Confirmed

Disclaimer: I am not a hypochondriac. I am an informed employee in a health-related profession. Have you ever had something wrong with your health, which you absolutely knew, but your doctor wouldn’t take the time to listen to all of your symptoms? And you saw multiple doctors over an extended length of time, which never […]

Sleep Study Number Five

I’m just finishing up packing for my overnight sleep study over at Piedmont Hospital Sleep Lab. This will be my fourth overnight sleep study since 2004, and fifth if you include my daytime multiple sleep latency nap test. I’m deciding on what comfortable, yet accessible pajamas I can wear so the sleep lab tech doesn’t […]

Organ Recital

This is an actual picture of my chest x-ray today At age 7, I started seeing a dermatologist for eczema At age 11, I was diagnosed with asthma At age 16, I had my first ulcer At age 19, I was hospitalized for a kidney infection At age 20, I gave birth to my daughter. […]

Weight Loss Blog

I decided to pick up the posting again on my private weight loss blog that I started almost a year ago. The funny thing is that I weigh about the same as I did when I started the blog in February, even though I’ve been up at least 12 pounds higher, and down 9 pounds […]

Inhalation Hazard

It was inevitable. Every hospital I’ve ever worked at, I’ve been a patient at. I thought I’d be getting off easy with a freebie at U of M Hospital, but I proved my precedent correct yesterday. I was feeling a bit exhausted from Sunday’s roadtrip, but otherwise with no illness symptoms. Right after lunch, I […]

Summertime Slump

I’ve been feeling like I’ve been in a summertime slump lately. I consistently feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and guilty for not keeping up on my normal obligations. My sleep has been horrible, feeling less rested after 9 hours sleep than when I first got into bed. I even tried using my CPAP machine again (for indefinitely […]

A progressively better week

Thank you for all of your well wishes this week. I’ve been in a lot of pain, and generally under the weather, but I’m sooo much better than Sunday. I have another ultrasound in a week to determine the size and changes in the cyst. Hopefully it won’t require surgery. Here’s a few pictures from […]

My first trip to a Michigan ER…

Sunday morning I woke up in crazy amounts of pain in my left shoulder, chest, and neck. I couldn’t reposition myself in bed where I wasn’t in pain. I had light pain in my lower abdomen, but it was the chest pain that was agonizing. Knowing the warning signs of AMI (acute myocardial infaction aka […]