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The Ultimate High School Stalker Letter

I have been having a blast going through my old boxes of high school stuff. Pictures, ticket stubs, notes, old research papers, choir programs, mixtapes, and more. I’m an admitted pack rat when it comes to nostalgia, but there were some true gems in this box. My favorite find was this letter from a boy […]

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Hey Baby, What’s your Sign?


25 Random Facts About Me

1. I have an obsession with multi-colored striped socks. 2. I sometimes want to go to a concert so badly that I’ll buy the tickets and vow to eat Top Ramen and Mac & Cheese until I’ve made up the price of the concert. 3. I’ve always wanted someone to throw me a suprise birthday […]

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The In-N-Out Layover

Next time you have a 2+ hour layover at LAX, and want some In-N-Out, this video will show you how to do it. Take the Sepulveda Parking Spot shuttle and you’ll be next door to the closest In-N-Out to LAX. From disembarking the plane, catching the shuttle, eating, security, and getting back to your gate…it’ll […]

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A Little General Conference Humor…

Hope you enjoyed these Puns of Perdition. If these photos don’t make sense, you’re probably not LDS. Photos courtesy of My Religious Blog

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Nine Years of Adventure

Dear Rosie, Excitement and boredom. Joy and sadness. Change and adaptation. Hugs and kisses. Creativity and silliness. Independence and bravery. Fun and Culture. Travel and Home. Love and empathy. Childlike, yet mature. Seven moves, four states, lots of great food and countless people who love you. I’m so blessed that you’re mine. Please don’t grow […]

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Yes We Can!

Everytime I see this commercial…I laugh myself into a fit. At first I thought it was an SNL commercial…but apparently it can be yours for only $19.99! Ch-ch-ch-chia! >

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Dare to be Stupid

Last night Taylor and I watched a kinda downer movie and needed to cleanse the “drama” palate, if you will. He randomly put on this video…a favorite from my childhood, and all was well again. It’s seriously great advice…dare to be stupid. Dare to live outside the box. Dare to be yourself. Dare to be […]